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April 2023 Keynote

Sign: Aries
Note: C
Color: red

This column is brought to you by the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health and is dedicated to the idea that the frequencies of voice can be seen as a holographic representation of all that you are.

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Embracing the Secrets of the Human Biofield

By Sharry Edwards, MEd
Accelerating human healing through Vocal Mapping: our future depends on its acceptance.

What we fear keeps us mentally imprisoned and emotionally restrained. What we fear is usually something we cannot control or do not understand. 

As a society what do we fear? The safety of our loved ones, our lineage, and humanity. Personally, we are concerned with our ability to sustain vitality while aging, which includes both mental faculties and physical health; to overcome resistant pathogens that threaten our world; to preserve our environment; to survive the soaring costs of food and medicine. We want/need to be free of pain and strife.

Our ancestors did an amazing job of supporting health and vitality with very few sophisticated tools and without really understanding their own solutions. Today, we trust allopathic medicine and humanity’s reliance of the realms of science but it is evident that even modern medicine does not have all the answers. In many ways, it is obvious that the answers are available but simply not realized. What if, we could combine the ancient and the new technologies, bringing together the new, the practiced and the proven? 

Let’s consider the idea that we can combine the ancient ideas of the body’s life force with sophisticated computer technology. Could we create an early warning and remediation system for health and wellness?

It usually takes a well-funded scientific breakthrough or an overwhelming catastrophe to facilitate a comprehensive change that actually makes a difference. People are slow to embrace new scientific information because anything fundamentally different from the status quo intimidates them. Although a major disaster forces transformation, people don’t always adjust willingly. The most profound and permanent way to cause a shift in perception is through affirming life experience.

It has been written that many great thinkers have attempted to decode the mysteries of the universe using math, geometry, music, sound, color, frequency, and architecture. Modern science has created blood tests, X-rays, CAT scans… to coax the body to give up its secrets. But is there was a better way that is making its way to the forefront of acceptance?

A Fascinating Vaccine Story

Twenty-four years ago a young three-year-old named Jocelyn, who had been diagnosed with hyperlexia, was brought to our Sound Health Clinic in Ohio. We were told that Jocelyn would only repeat sentences of others to covey what she wanted to express and would not create her own sentences. 

Jocelyn’s parents claimed that she could also read well beyond her age. I did not believe them and had prepared a few sentences to test her.

Mary has a little rabbit.

Home, home with a biscuit.

Three blindfolded mice.

She read the sentences absolutely correctly but each time she came to an out-of-place word, she stopped, tapped her finger on the wrong word several times while looking me straight in the eye with a stare that indicated that she knew something was amiss. 


I was still skeptical, so I put a Wall Street Journal in front of her. She read several sentences correctly. Although she was simply reading, we were able to capture and evaluate her vocal frequencies. The computerized evaluation indicated that she had a negative reaction to a mandated vaccine known as DPT.

When she was ambiently presented with an antidoting frequency formulation, she turned to her father - she was sitting on his lap holding her doll – and said to him, “This is a dolly.” We were all flabbergasted.

We created a tonebox layered with frequencies for her based on her voice architecture. She quickly began to initiate appropriate vocal interactions. It is speculated that she learned to read from closed-captioned TV. Using the information of her case and many others, we were able to create a database template – called PreVac - of frequencies associated with vaccine damage.

Today she is beyond brilliant with words, speaks several languages, translates online articles and presentations, and is absolutely fascinated with sounds and the appropriate structure of languages. She reported that the highlight of her life was a trip to Japan with her family where she could be immersed in a language she loves to hear and can understand.

Dorine Davis in her many publications about children with verbal issues has continued to confirm the use of BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling to help her clients, young and old, regain speech and cognition.

We notified those who claimed to be authorities in such matters but were summarily dismissed as crackpots although it could be shown that vocal analysis had helped over 300 children. Since that time, millions more vaccine damaged kids have likely suffered because no one would even consider such an ancient idea as using vocal energy as a diagnostic tool.

Decloaking Resistant Pathogens

In 2000, Nexus Magazine published a preliminary study that we had completed showing that resistant pathogens could be decloaked using frequency oscillations, but no one paid attention. In December 2019, we used the same protocol to examine the frequencies of Covid. We published information showing that this virus was likely synthetic because we had been mathematically following “natural” viruses for over ten years. When a virus comes along, there is nearly always a mathematical antidote.


For Covid, the math antidote was the protein that would accelerate the original strain. Nature does not work this way! The math was conflicting, but it set us on the path to figure out an alternative which we published and gave away to the public – mathematical nutrition and biochemical antidotes, all of which have now been acknowledged by main street publications and journals. Our “synthetic” proclamation and frequency-based antidotes released in 2019 were ignored – how many people died? How much profit was made in the name of a supposed pandemic?

We published our findings, including Covid associations with vascular issues, circulation, infertility, and fatigue. That series of articles, including spike frequency antidotes, can be downloaded from Mathematically speaking, the next Covid issue will be pancreas related.

Based on our findings, we created a template that could be used by the public to BioAcoustically evaluate their own vocal frequencies for these issues: Services/Campaigns at The idea of putting health into the hands of the people, establishing SELF-HEALTH has always been paramount to the mission of the Sound Health Institute.

The work we did was similar to the work of Royal Rife that the US government shut down because those in charge did not agree with Rife’s methods. Unlike Rife, we reported that frequencies can be blocked by using the same formulations used for noise canceling headsets and appliances.

At present what is happening to us is similar to what is being perpetrated on Stanislaw Burzynski of the Burzynski Cancer Clinic in Texas where it has been shown that cancer can be reversed.

A Look Inside Using Voice Analysis

In 2015, the author of this article fell off a two-story balcony, fracturing her back in three places (T-12, L-1 and L-3) and smashing a few facial bones. A month in rehab wearing a body brace made walking possible. But now, years later, the returning back pain was still intense. Could anything be done? The frequencies associated with L-4 kept showing up in her computerized vocal print but she wanted confirmation because L-1 was not a part of the injury.

X-ray shows misalignment of L-4 and L-5. Surgery was suggested.

Sharry anterolisthesis x-ray.png



[Anterolisthesis is an abnormal alignment of bones in the spine and usually affects the lower back. It occurs when an upper vertebra slips in front of the one below. Pain is often the first symptom of anterolisthesis.

Misaligned vertebrae can pinch the nerves, and this can have painful and debilitating consequences. Other parts of the body, such as the arms or the legs, can also be affected by anterolisthesis.]

Sharry radiology report.png
Sharry anterolisthesis BioAcoustic report lumbar vertebrae.png

BioAcoustic Report showing L-4 as a priority. Multiple reports thru Feb-Mar show stress at L-4.

The contributing events were identified through the frequencies of the voice remotely and without expensive, intrusive machinery.

Using the frequencies assigned to L-4 and L-5 together in specialized formulations creates the frequency associated with Ankylosing spondylitis – which my grandfather and aunt lived with for many years. This brings to mind that the body is consistently Mathical, even genetically. Could we be math-based sentient robots that can be supervised and managed using the math of the voice?

Catastrophic Events

Vocal profile chart for post-911 New York worker toxin exposure.png

The staff of Sound Health was invited to evaluate several scientists working in the gaping hole left by the terrorist bombings of 9/11. Based on our findings we were invited to the Firemen’s Union Headquarters in New York to evaluate 17 additional firefighters who were experiencing the “Fireman’s Cough.” Most had been exposed to Mirex. We showed on-site in the Union Hall that frequency presentation could stop the fireman’s cough. We were invited by the Union President to test all 1700 exposed firefighters.  The next day we were disinvited by his legal advisors. How much suffering could have been prevented?

We also warned them from the vocal prints of the firefighters and union staff that there would be a rise in cancer. That was confirmed a few years later. How many lives were lost when a potential solution was ignored? If Vocal Profiling had been in the hands of the people, SELF-HEALTH would have been possible.

Labor and Delivery

A BioInformatic paper was delivered at Ohio University Conference showing that the biochemical, Pitocin (which initiates labor) could be monitored via the voice. A mother went into the hospital for a planned birth but ended up having a C-section. We started monitoring her voice at 5:30 am and by 10:30, her voice indicated that her body was fighting the drug. She stayed in labor until 3 the next morning when both she and the baby went into stress – an emergency C-section was performed.

Pitocin frequency levels in childbirth chart.png

Think of how many trips to the hospital – only to be told it was false labor – could be prevented! Set up properly, a phone call to the hospital could be evaluated instantly.

Other case studies have been shared in this column, including toxins and Alzheimer’s.

April 2023 Keynote toxin vocal print.png


Robin Williams Alzheimer's Abacus Q vocal print.png

Robin Williams'  vocal Alzheimer's architecture

Not only does this kind of collective vocal print allow us to show the vocal architecture of Alzheimer’s years before symptoms manifest but it has allowed us to create templates for gout, cancer, broken bones, migraines, anti-aging and more.

Templates online for the public:

Work over the years has allowed us to collect homogeneous vocal prints. We have experimented with these groups and have been successful in helping the body mitigate its own issues. Here are a few results:

Denny had an enlarged heart and a pacemaker. After being provided ambient sounds based on his vocal print, his pacemaker was disabled, and his heart returned to normal form and function.

Bob’s lower leg muscles in one leg were ripped off in a motorcycle accident. After years of physical therapy, he could still not use his leg. After a few months of sound, his leg activities returned to normal. He is featured in the documentary Miracles of Non-Medicine.

Ellen’s children were called to her bedside. She wasn’t expected to live through the night. Sounds were provided to her in the hospital to provide comfort and month later she was still alive. Medical tests revealed that her body had somehow grown new vessels around the blocked ones in her heart. “God must not want her yet,” joked the doctor.

John was able to regrow his nerves and start walking again after a spinal surgery left him paralyzed.

Gary regained strength in his arms and hands lost from peripheral neuropathy.

Pauline regained her eyesight and color perception after having lost her vision to macular degeneration.

Jesse, survivor of a motorcycle accident (crushed legs) that required a three-month hospital stay, is now able to walk, and he regrew his kneecap. He used the sounds in the hospital primarily to alleviate pain.

When medicine is causing side effects, a vocal print can often offer suggestions for a more compatible alternative. Even a newborn’s cries provide information about their health.

Vocal analysis is leading the way to understanding math as medicine. The idea brings to mind Spock’s Vulcan salute from Star Trek, “Live long and prosper.”

We may think we are free, but our healthcare services are dictated and controlled by people far removed from our human needs. To them we are merely a statistic on the bottom line of their financial page.

There will come a time when we can't afford medications or care, and we have to become guinea pigs for experiments or we simply will be put to death, quietly, because we are no longer useful.

There is a solution: put healthcare back in the hands of the people and teach them to take care of themselves on a FOREVER basis.

The Sound Health Institute wants to provide the tools and solutions to the public so that everyone can sustain SELF-HEALTH for themselves and those they care about.”

whoever controls health controls your quality of life arrow.png

Just as there are Pathways of compounds called Chemistry, there are Mathways of subtractive frequencies called Sonistry that can be used to create a numeric matrix of biomarkers capable, individually and collectively, of being predictive, diagnostic, and prescriptive.

Travel to outer space can be enhanced with mobile frequency-based solutions that have overcome bone loss and muscle atrophy. BioAcoustic Biology has been shown to be able to predict reactions to medications, chemicals and allergens. Muscles traumatized from stroke and/or muscle signaling disorders have recovered. Documentation confirms that these changes sometimes occur within a few minutes as muscles gain strength and mobility.

Our brain communicates using the language of math expressed as frequency. As these signals reach the brain, the biofrequencies are sorted, routed, and assigned interpretations and responsibilities. Our Brain and our Biology are hardwired to respond to these basic principles of math.

BioAcoustic Biology is an area of scientific endeavor that is becoming scientifically established: a protoscience. Visionary leaders will see this novel idea as a prophecy for a new medicine which can provide conclusions based on observation and information. Those who wish to support the status quo will see this paradigm as a threat but will find it hard to argue with the consistent and efficacious outcomes that continue to accrue. This protocol remains in a research mode as of the date of this article.


9/11 references:

Burzynski Clinic is an international cancer care center with more than 100 employees. The clinic offers several options for personalized treatment, including conventional, approved targeted, combinations as well as experimental therapies.


Butterworth, Brian. What Counts: How Every Brain is hardwired for Math. Free Press (Simon & Schuster)

Corona article download:

Corona music download – Le Ciel -

Dorinne Davis

Portal – just web site

Gimjewski, James, 1999:

In sonocytology studies, a Bioscope AFM (atomic force microscope) was modified to be able to detect the vibrations of the cell wall of a living cell. These vibrations, once amplified using computer software, created audible sound, and it was discovered that cancerous cells emit a slightly different sound than healthy cells do. Gimzewski and Pelling hope that sonocytology may someday have applications in early cancer detection and diagnosis

Nexus Magazine article –

Rife -

Frequencies bombard our planets constantly and have an influence on the activities happening on our planet. April 2023 Keynote Frequency correlates are below:



March 26 - April 1, 2023 - Universal sounds are quickly moving into frequencies of gliadin and gluten, two heavy handed grains related to allergens; these reactions are made worse by serine (amino acid) unbalance which comes into plan this week. Antibodies are activated along with genes and proteins that deal with the management of grains in the body. Remember BROWSE – Barley – Rye – Oats – Wheat - Spelt – Eliminate. Digestive enzymes might be helpful.

The frequencies associated with the last week of March/first week of April open an opportunity for  celiac reactions.

For some people grains can cause Leaky gut, which can morph into a myriad of immune issues.

Just the beginning of blood sugar issues will rise on Tuesday but won’t be severe. Those with glucose issues may need to closely monitor insulin and food intake.

Muscles in stress – tiny muscles that hold the vertebra together – the multifidi - will be active for the next ten days or so. Abdominal muscles, the Rectus superior of the eye are also in stress for the next few days. You may feel your eyeball moving – you shouldn’t – when you look upward.

Streptococcus pathogens are active now – a bit of a sore throat or ear irritation may be about. Gargling with some good saltwater or Tea Tree oil mouthwash will usually take care of this strain.

B2 – riboflavin is in stress for the next six days – soy is high in B2 but I’m reluctant to suggest it because of all of the side effects soy can bring upon the hormonal system. Greens, yogurt, mushrooms, eggs, asparagus, turkey and almonds are among the highest in B2. When you have lots of it, the urine turns bright yellow – Even its name “flavin” in Latin means yellow. B2 is important to help metabolize iron and create energy for the body. It also plays a part in replenishing your DNA.

If your energy is down, norepinephrine may be the cause. If you have our Methylation Mapping software, it may be a good time to check your dopamine and serotonin levels. This is the beginning signal for allergy season. – Campaigns – Methylation.


April 2023 - week one influences that may impact your physical and emotional well-being:

You may notice a lag in muscle response as the Dystonia gene becomes active.  Glycine may help with muscle signaling. This may be important for anyone with muscle stress: Parkinson’s, ALS, multiple sclerosis…

The platelet activating factor and vasopressin, both known to be associated with the circulatory system, may be active for the next few weeks.

DNA and stem cells will continue to be stressed for the remainder of April.

Nutrients and biochemicals in stress: hydroxyproline, DNA, nerve growth factor, zinc, leucine, isoleucine, magnesium, GABA receptor (brain activity), keratin, asparagine, and ornithine.

Muscles in stress are mostly the rectus eye muscles associated with Macular Degeneration.

April 2023 - week two influences that may impact your physical and emotional wellbeing:

Detox nutrients and energy cycle nutrients are in stress this week. See Amy Yasko’s work for more information on the body detox.

MOLD seems to be very active beginning this week.

April 2023 - week three influences that may impact your physical and emotional wellbeing:

The body’s ability to detox is important to keeping cancer cells from overrunning the system. BioAcoustic Biology has found three issues consistent with cancer: frequencies associated with Vit A, Catalase and Calcitonin which are all active this week.

Basic Mitochondrial and neurotransmitters associated with inflammation are stressed this week.

[to evaluate your voice for inflammation markers, go to – CAMPAIGNS] – open to the public.

Muscles stressed this week: fingers, hands and tongue.

Shingles may awaken this week. Campho Phenique salve may be helpful.

Nutrients and biochemicals in stress this week: aspartic acid, mitochondrial, adenosine, thyroid enzymes, beta carotene, estrogen, homocysteine, and potassium. 

HLA dq2, the Celiac Gene, becomes active this month.

Medications: AZT, Ritalin, Adderall – watch for reaction changes. 

April 2023 - week four influences that may impact your physical and emotional wellbeing:

Lower back stress comes into action this week. There are some wonderful exercises online for low back issues.

Nutrients: PABA, Glucosidase, calcium cell salts and the use of sulfur.

Medications: Allopurinol (GOUT).

Muscles: sternocleidomastoid (neck, shoulder), Iliacus (lower back), rectus muscles of the eye, tendon under the arch of the foot, Scalenus (Neck).

Toxins: Cesium 137 (radiation) and ammonia.


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