The Potential of Math as Medicine 


Does the Proof Exist? Are we Merely Sophisticated,

Self-Programming Robots?

Breaking the Sound Barriers of Disease

Math Based Life Forms

Analysis of What High Definition TV Frequencies May Be Doing to Your Brain


Even if you have sworn off of TV in your home, you will no doubt encounter its influence among co-workers, family and friends talking about the latest episode of their favorite shows. 

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex


Significant ongoing genetic, metabolic issues dealing with the use of Choline; a B vitamin family member.  This is particularly important in terms of the Duchess’  current pregnancy because choline deficiency during pregnancy has been linked to Autism. ​              

Pioneer of Vocal Profiling creates Online WorkStation to Promote Sound Health & Sound Healers  


The Vocal BioMarker market is expected to reach revenues of 2.5 Billion in the next few years because conventional giants like MIT and the Mayo Clinic have joined the extensive investigation efforts of this emerging science. 

American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine Includes Pioneering BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling Outcomes at International Conference 


The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) is committed to spreading awareness concerning innovative, cutting-edge science and research. In addition, they educate and advocate for innovative diagnostic tools to aid physicians and health care providers in the hopes of reshaping, redefining and restructuring the face of medicine.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) - Narcissistic Overload Mentality


Straight up, it is my opinion that many of the statements contributed to AOC are ill-conceived and juvenile. I wanted to confirm what her motivations really were. I expected lots of EGO but with lots of caring for humanity. BioAcoustically I could not have been more wrong!

Through Music We Discover our Origins 


Frequency is the basis of our universe. We measure it, study it, quantify it and use it to understand ourselves, our environment, our biochemistry and our behaviors.



Designed to evaluate, in terms of frequency, why your body tends to pack on extra pounds.  Each individual retains weight for a myriad of reasons. 

When Psychic isn't Psychic Anymore


Paranormal events have long been reported as part of the human experience. From historical accounts, such events have been interpreted in numerous ways: good/bad; heaven/hell; accurate/superstition; acceptable/ridiculous.               

Every Body Has A Sound  


Finding your own voice takes on new meaning if you begin to consider the possibility that the sounds of your voice may be a holographic representation of all that you are. 

Vimovo Article

My husband and I pay approximately $260 per month for insurance so we
were a bit surprised when the pharmacist informed us that that there was a
required co-pay of $60; especially since our yearly deductible had been
covered completely for months now.

Holy Grail Mystery Math has Potential to Promote


Sharry Edwards, the pioneer of the emerging field of BioAcoustic Biology, has been identified by Sylvia Francke as one of the few living Keepers of the Holy Grail mysteries in her 2007 publication, The Tree of Life and the Holy Grail. BioAcoustic Biology attempts to define human health through frequency-based biomarkers