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Never-Before-Released Information Revealed about the Coronavirus

Evidence shows there is a countervailing option to this virus that is being ignored but may help the populace if revealed.

According to the media and world governments, a China-based pandemic is upon us: the Coronavirus plague. The internet, newspapers, and TV commentators have reported that millions will die. Using such scare tactics without providing any ameliorating tools or solutions is unethical, in my opinion. Positing that only the government can save the people is tantamount to tyranny. If there is a way to combat such a scourge, it ought to be made public.

Tenets of Math as Medicine Support Covid Survival

During the last two decades, the work at the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health has proven that the human body and mind can be influenced by individualized formulations of sound frequencies.

Were the “ancient” investigators accurate? Are there energies beyond our own environment that have the ability to influence our lives? These very astute precursors to “scientific man” attempted to create a system whereby those extrinsic forces could be explained; they called the system Astrology. But modern investigators have proven there is so much more.

Corona: A Different Approach – Summary and Solution

Treacherously, the current virus is short-circuiting lives around the world and it has produced a tailspin of non-option to further control the populace.  It is obvious that the opportunity to use fear of failing health and rationing to further an agenda that is money-driven.

Background:  The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has been posting frequencies to countervail the yearly CDC flu recommendations.  In dealing with this subject we ended up writing an article for Nexus Magazine that showed that frequency could be used to decloak invading pathogens. —Pathogen link:  https://soundhealthoptions.com/?s=pathogen