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Corona - A Different Approach:

Treacherously, the current virus is short-circuiting lives around the world and it has produced a tailspin of non-options to further control the populace. It is an obvious opportunity to use fear of failing health and rationing to further an agenda that is money-driven.

Background: The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has been posting frequencies to countervail the yearly CDC flu recommendations. In dealing with this subject we ended up writing an article for Nexus Magazine that showed that frequency could be used to decloak invading pathogens. —Pathogen link:

We started investigating the CoronaVirus (CV) in January 2020. The math system that we had used for the previous flu was not appropriate. In the case of CV, the mathematical protocols that antidoted the gene activated the protein simultaneously. This was a reaction that we had not seen before. Normally a person is exposed to the gene of an incoming pathogen, which in turn sets up housekeeping within the body and the trouble begins. In simple terms, the by-products of the gene’s invasion cause unwanted, negative symptoms.

Crop Circle Architecture May Provide Anti-Viral Information Against International Pandemic

Aug 19, 2020

  Frank Joseph, the author, joined Jeff Rense, talk show host, to discuss a recent 200-foot-wide crop circle found in England that they believe emulates the architecture of the coronavirus. The crop circle shows one enlarged portion of the virus, which Rense and Joseph believe might possibly depict an obvious starting point to consider for the annihilation of the virus.

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Corona Conflicts Tonebox

BioAcoustic Biology uses a three-prong approach to pathogen invasion: Identification, Formulation and Sound Presentation. This author wishes to provide a public online Sound Health WorkStation for people who want to evaluate themselves for the nutrients mathematically associated with the corona virus - – CAMPAIGNS – available Jan 29, 2020

The opportunity is offered to the public free of charge and will provide a computerized report as to each individual’s Corona Conflicts based on the Institute’s decades of inquiry.

We previously posted our findings in terms of Rife Frequencies but there is much more to the story. Rife devices usually provide one frequency channels to the listener and the sounds are within vocal range.

We use a multi-channeled device, a programmable, Square 2 ToneBox, that delivers two frequencies simultaneously designed to entrain the brain to deliver the sounds to the appropriate body system.

Think of your brain as your central processing unit that sends and receives signals for all parts of the body. We strive to provide frequencies that support normal form & function. The data is overwhelmingly supportive of the idea that the voice is a holographic representation of all that you are. We have simply provided the clues as to what each frequency represents.

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