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Electromagnetic Genetics

Could I ask that you suspend your beliefs for a few moments? I would like to propose the idea that what we think is required, and that we have very little control over our psychological functions.

Take the idea one step at a time:

  1. Each thought that we think is a measurable electrical frequency stored within the electrical system of our bodies.

  2. At the point of death, supposedly, this kind of electrical impulse leaves the body.

  3. At every point of conception, it is speculated that this energy re-enters the body.

  4. If every thought that you think is a measurable frequency, a frequency that dissipates when the body dies and then re-enters when an additional body is conceived, would it be reasonable to assume that the energy, the frequency that was once your thoughts, is somehow reused?

  5. And if it is reused, how would your thoughts, as frequencies, influence the new body/mind that received your recycled frequencies?


(If this is true, it may be the explanation of how and why astrology works. Only certain kinds of frequencies are available depending on the configuration of the planets. This is true with tides and certain sea animals. Why not have an effect on humans also?)

Let us suppose that your mind’s thoughts are frequencies of electrical energy and that they work much like the iron oxide that is used to develop the patterns on original audio tape. The iron oxide does not have a choice in what it patterns and records and I would like to propose that the human mind might work somewhat similarly.

If each thought is a frequency, let us speculate that “loving horses” might be given the mathematical label of +11. Let us also suppose that what the ancients have been teaching us about frequency is true: That we each seek to go back to zero to feel balanced.

           Look at this idea as follows:

+11 +10 +9 +8 +7 +6 +5 +4 +3 +2 +1  0  -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 -11

“0” as perfection is in the middle (The “+” and “-“ markings are simply a magnetic significant. It does not mean good or bad although I think somewhere down through the ages it began to be interpreted that way.). If the thought of “loving horses” is +11, in order to be balanced, going toward “0”, you would have to choose a thought that would have a mathematical frequency of +10, +9, +8, and so on; OR you could choose a thought that was -11 and go directly to zero in a flash.

I would like to propose that we each choose gradients in between the smallest step and the largest step and that the differences in these increments are what keep us looking for answers.

I would like to point out that I made up the frequency labels, this is just a theory. Although we do have evidence that every thought is an electrical frequency, we don’t, as yet, know which frequency belongs individually to each person or thought.

What I would like to propose is that we don’t have a choice of which thoughts we think.


It is much like putting two magnets close to one another. If the correct poles are aligned, they will be attracted. The magnets don’t have a choice.

I have theorized that this is also the way the human mind reacts. Our minds work like magnetic tape. Our choice is only to feel comfortable or uncomfortable about our choice. It also proposes the idea that EVERYTHING YOU THINK IS REQUIRED TO MAINTAIN EQUILIBRIUM WITHIN YOUR OWN BIOFIELD.


If you accept that EVERYTHING you think is required, how would others influence your life?


This would certain relieve a lot of guilt and strain.  It would cause us to look at those who commit murder and rape in a different light.  It would also give us an additional way to categorize humans. Instead of using physical characteristics, we might construct categories of magnetic potential. I would like to call this theory Electro Magnetic Genetics.

During some of our experiments we have found that some psychological experiences are strikingly similar in frequency; even though the individuals are strikingly dissimilar as humans would judge.

For instance: hope and exaggeration are similar frequencies but opposites in human perception; the same goes for passion and rage; fevered praying and hostility.  This would indicate that it is what we do with the frequency that we are exhibiting that makes the difference; not what the actual frequency is that can be measured.

This might also be the answer to why we are attracted to certain people and apathetic about others; enthusiastic about some things and ambivalent about others. If this theory has any substance it might also explain spontaneous combustion.  If you put equal but opposite polarity potentials together you get nothing – no thing. Maybe those who have reached perfection on earth simply spontaneous combust – new agers call this phenomena ascension. By this thought process it could be assumed that:

If you’re still on earth in a physical body, you still have something to learn.  The fact that you are here would prove that you are imperfect.

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