October 2022 Keynote

Keynote Oct 2022
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Are We Very Sophisticated, Math-Based, Self-Programming Robots?


Breaking the Sound Barriers of Disease Serie

Connecting the Dots

October: Revealing the Math of Mechanical Sentients


What if Math, conventionally used to explain the basis of everything, is more than synthetic equations? What if math is organic? If so, could we be considered math-based life forms? If we break the codes of our existence, could that information be used to provide optimal form and
function for our planet and all its inhabitants?

Studies conducted by the non-profit Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health, located in Albany, Ohio, USA, have consistently demonstrated that math can be much more than a measurement tool. The case studies they have amassed, using Math as frequency-based BioMarkers, indicate that the solution to therapeutic predictability and resolution has the potential to be a matter of frequency based mathematical equations. Such has been trialed in cases of severe allergic reactions, drug overdose, pain resolution, accelerated bone
restructuring, heart arrhythmia, muscle and nerve atrophy, stroke recovery, sports trauma predictions…

The body contains hundreds, if not thousands, of mathematical relationships. For example, the BioAcoustic frequency for the diabetes gene is the same frequency of a specific protein for the lens of the eye. This could potentially explain why diabetes and vision issues often appear
together. Could they be mathematically cured concurrently? Could reducing biology to a math- based framework give additional knowledge that simple symptoms cannot provide? Although in its early stages, the science to this last lasting human conundrum appears to be on its way to
being unveiled.


The Institute has provided a foundation which demonstrates that just as there are Pathways of compounds called Chemistry, there are Mathways of subtractive frequencies that can be used to create numeric biomarker matrices capable, individually, and collectively, of being therapeutically predictive, diagnostic and prescriptive. 


Mathematical relationships become apparent when a deeper dive into the math of medications is undertaken. It is this author’s opinion that these techniques are known by Big Pharma but they are being kept secret in the hopes of controlling physical medicines because frequency- based solutions known to the public have little chance of creating revenue.

We propose to share this information with the public so that a nearly unlimited map of frequency formulations can be made available to the populace.

To date, there is no universally accepted modality that has the potential to assist in our biological survival or threat of biological, radioactive and pandemic threats, reverse stroke and muscle trauma or support space travel.

Using math in this way allows for an intrinsic evaluation of nutrients and biochemicals in a unique way – using octaves of mathematical music scales to peer below simple serum levels of conventional medicine. We actively take a sixteen-layer-deep view that helps discern root


The Institute’s frequency-based solutions show the ability to overcome bone loss and muscle atrophy. Conventionally, in many instances, by the time the root cause of an issue has been identified, it is often too late to provide remediation. Frequency-based medicine can provide a
prompt and corrective direction in person or via the internet.


Consider the brain as our central processing unit. Frequency-based signals are generated and have been determined to be a communication pathway travelling along neural networks that
self-monitor and provide stasis.


Frequency can be represented in terms of mathematical equations. If math can be proven to be a form of optimal self-regulation, does this indicate that math may be organic, or that we may just be sophisticated art forms that someone/something created using mathematical


Human BioAcoustic Biology may be well on its way to definitively proving that at our core we are very sophisticated math-based robots. BioAcoustic Biology hopes to confirm that life forms on earth can be “managed” through individual frequency/energy-based Signatures. This might
prompt one to imagine a future in which we can be individually identified and maintained with personal biomarkers that keep us healthy and emotionally balanced.

The intrinsic work being done by the Sound Health Research Institute
has shown that we can each have dominion over these frequencies by
individual mind management and/or by a simple remote control
that is completely programmable. Using the unique
techniques of Vocal Profiling and evaluation, anomalous emotional,
as well as physiological, issues can be unraveled and resolved. The goal is to actively teach individuals and wellness providers to
understand the freedoms created by the potential of Math as Medicine.


Studies substantiate that the human voice can reveal data which indicates that people who share similar traumas, stress, diseases, toxicities…share similar, if not identical, vocal anomalies.
The data brings together ancient knowledge with modern ideas of harmonics and frequency relationships to show that math can be used as a form of predictive, diagnostic and curative foundations for optimal wellness.


Through entrainment of the frequency grid of the brain, the body can be programmed to support its own optimal form and function if the basic understanding of individual math-based homeostasis can be gleaned. The essential element is accurately identifying the appropriate/significant frequencies associated with each desired outcome.

String theory proposes that infinitesimally small strings create our bodily structures but doesn’t answer how this transformation occurs. The brain communicates using the language of frequency and can reveal individual DNA/RNA templates that have the potential to promote
and extend life. BioAcoustic Biology provides many of these answers as to how these theories can be used to bring the Truth to the surface about who we are, how we got here and where we are going in terms of our intention and health.


Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, was inspired by Nick Bostrum, an Oxford philosopher, to think that it is likely that everyone on Earth today is living in a Simulation. Theoretical Physicist, S. James Gates, PhD, states that he and his students have found a mathematical structure that is
indistinguishable from error-correcting code of digital information transformation. Because of this concept, many people have concluded that the Universe in which we live must resemble the science fiction movie, The Matrix. He also claims that he has found computer code in string theory and plant DNA and that our Universe is basically a Simulation created by a Maker.


We have created computers in the image of our brain, music that emulates our DNA, movies in the image of our lives, and books in the image of memories. How hard is it to believe, as is related in many religious writings, that a Maker created us and placed us in a Simulation that allows us to play and learn? Disease results when our programming mechanically wavers off-
key, literally.



A few evidence-based outcomes are shared here to confirm the breadth and depths of the potential for vocal profiling to create Miracles of Non-Medicine

This column hopes to bring wholistic math-based frequencies that influence our well-being. We wish to thank the thousands of people who have volunteered their vocal prints so that our research can explore a more complete living potential. Listed below are just a few scattered
correlations we have been able to reveal and share for the benefit of all living systems.


Heart Damage – Denny’s family reached out to see if frequency could help with their father’s heart condition, arrhythmia and a thickening of the heart walls. Using his vocal print as a guide, an analog set of frequencies was devised. A few months later the pacemaker was disengaged,
and the heart walls have begun to return to normal. Full family story link:
https://www.blogtalkradio.com/sharry-edwards/2022/06/26/breaking-the-sound-barriers-of- disease


A mathematical relationship between the frequencies of the knees and heart muscle has been established. If you are having issues with your knees, likely you heart muscle also needs some attention. Thousands of such relationships have been found.

Root Cause Revelation – Adrienne’s father, Dr. Robert Rodgers, recruited the use of Vocal Profiling to help identify the cause of his daughter’s debilitating episodes that she had suffered for nearly 20 years. In his own words, “Adrienne’s own vocal frequencies succeeded in identifying several very rare conditions that were responsible for her episodes. It is the first
time we have had any understanding of what has been causing the pain episodes. This is the first time we have an approach that is helping her heal. Once Adrienne began listening to the tones several weeks ago, her episodes have become less frequent and less severe. Clearly, healing from the inside out is happening for Adrienne. More time is needed for her body to come back into balance, but the early signs of success are a true miracle.”

Russ Rudy, MD had been sent home with a diagnosis of crippling Multiple Sclerosis. He had traveled to well-known centers such as the Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic looking for answers, but they had no further news for him. Rudy was finally referred to the Sound Health
Research Institute, where it was revealed that Rudy did not fit the frequency profile for MS, but his vocal print results showed damage to his spine. Rudy denied the allegation but finally remembered a skiing incident many years prior. Frequencies for repair of nerve and tissue damage were provided for him to listen to overnight. This was around Thanksgiving. In May he had an EMG that showed that his quadriceps had completely regenerated. The nerves of the tibialis anterior (front muscle of the leg below the knee) had also completely regenerated and the nerves of the muscles in his calf were regenerating at a rate of 3:1.

Link to the article: https://bit.ly/3QTT9Wu


Cancer: BioAcoustically Speaking there are four main features that nearly all cancer clients display: Catalase (a protective enzyme) is low, there are issues with Oxalosuccinic Acid – part of
the pathway of cellular energy cycle (Krebs), calcium is compromised, and an inability to detox
the cells is apparent. Krebs cycle nutrients and support can be found online. Publicly available
Vocal Prints evaluations for cancer can be found at SoundHealthPortal.com. BioAcoustically
Speaking Environment-based cancers often respond to frequencies based on sulfur.


PTSD: A project completed for the Army dealing with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) revealed two stages of PTSD: One had no personal awareness which was associated with unbalanced levels of Niacin, Calcium, Linolenic Acid and Zinc. The other, more damaging level,
was for those who were aware but unable to free themselves from the emotional shackles, had the common nutrient imbalances of Progesterone, Pantothenic acid (B5), magnesium and Choline. All of these nutrients are available locally in most areas of the US. Vocal Prints for PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury are available to the public from SoundHealthPortal.com – Support. The ability to define these deficiencies is a first step in finding a way to correct the issues.


Tinnitus:  Many people have come forward with complaints of ringing in the ears after vaccines and/or military services. A series of evaluations of persons experiencing tinnitus show a commonality of frequencies assigned to Mercury toxicity. Articles from TinnitusTalks.com report that mercury poisoning has an affinity for the hearing nerve. Zinc and NAC (N- acetylcysteine) are said to protect the nerves of the ear. Thimerosal is a Mercury-based vaccine preservative. Protein Kinase, which functions to support nerve terminal maturation, is also commonly found in the voice prints of Tinnitus sufferers. Presenting sound formulas using these
frequencies in combination have relieved Tinnitus.


MS Recovery: Since her diagnosis of MS, Gelene had many issues with Optic Neuritis which caused near blindness in one eye. The long-term effects of MS had caused her to be colorblind since 2008 after the first flare up which has continued to cause scarring damage each time. The
treatment for Optic Neuritis is IV steroids which her body could not handle so the average length of time it had taken for vision to return at best was three months.


In Gelene’s own words: “Sound Health Research Institute and its Director, Sharry Edwards, heard about my case and asked that I immediately contact them should my MS flare up and it did, as Optic Neuritis. It was 9:30 at night but Sharry asked me come in to the BioAcoustic Lab right away so she could look at my vocal print during an episode. After Sharry analyzed my voice frequencies, she tried out a tone. My nearly-blind right eye improved a little but when she went to the next tone, my vision not only cleared but I also regained my ability to see color correctly and vividly. It was almost instantaneous, about two or three seconds. I used the tones regularly for about a week and a half until the vision did not deteriorate the way it ordinarily did before I used the tones. After this episode my eye doctors looked at my eye and said it was incredible because it seemed like the eye had healed nearly two months’ worth. The doctor could not explain what had happened but was fascinated by what she had witnessed. The effect the tones had on my eye was unmistakable – her remarks: “Gelene has a history of Optic Neuritis in her right eye and has had color vision abnormalities in the past. Today her color vision is normal. I can’t even tell which eye had the optic neuritis without close examination within the eye to view the atrophy which is minimal now.” – Julie Lew, MD, reported, “The color vision test went from 2 out of 14 to 14 out of 14.” https://bit.ly/3Bznm7D

Macular Degeneration is suffered by millions, and it is said to be incurable, yet many instances of MD have been reversed using the frequencies associated with Rectus Muscles of the eye. Frequencies associated with cholesterol (Drusen) are also linked in many MD vocal prints. Link to Miracles of Non-Medicine video:


Drug and Allergy Reactions: both Narcan and Epinephrine have been used BioAcoustically in emergency situations with great results. Suboxone addiction evaluations have revealed solutions that show the brain involvement and frequency-based solutions.

Rehabilitation: Bob was involved in a motorcycle and was destined to be crippled for the rest of his life. His lower leg had been sheared off. He could see it laying a few feet away as he waited for the ambulance. A year and a half later they said they had done all they could. No more tennis and a life of pain pills were going to be his future. Nearly two years
Later Bob used tones of the peroneus muscles that his vocal print identified as his greatest stress. Within a short time, his pain receded. His back muscles that were transplanted learned to become leg muscles and he is now back to being a tennis coach, all with only BioAcoustic intervention.

Miracles of Non-Medicine: https://vimeo.com/126935179


Sports Remedies: A Myriad of Sports injuries have been identified and influenced by BioAcoustic protocols from concussions to foot injuries to accelerated bone and muscle recuperation. One of the most important aspects of BioAcoustic Biology evaluation is the ability to predict what muscles are in stress before symptoms or injury occurs, allowing coaches to keep their players off the bench.

Sports Recovery : Tyler sustained a serious knee injury during a high school football game; an opposing player cleated him from the side directly into his knee. X-rays confirmed that nothing was broken; an MRI the next day confirmed nothing was torn but Tyler was still in excruciating pain and could not bear weight on his leg. Stairs were particularly difficult for him to navigate. Visits to a sports doctor continued for the next two weeks with no relief even though exercise,
steam and ice were used in the hopes of relieving the pain and
getting Tyler back into the game.

Word reached the Sound Health Research Center of Tyler’s injury
and they offered to help. “We were skeptical but Tyler described
his pain at a high 6; we were desperate to find him some help,”
explains Tyler’s mother, Cindy.


The evaluation of Tyler’s vocal frequencies took about 30 minutes and came back with information that indicated that Tyler had two thigh muscle frequencies in stress. Ambient sound was presented to Tyler for about a minute; Tyler’s parents were elated and amazed when he reported that his pain was diminishing.

One additional sound was presented to Tyler, after which he was asked to step up three short steps. The look on his face was astonishment; the pain was gone. His parents didn’t understand what was happening, but it certainly was a relief to them that he was out of pain and able to
walk normally again.


Tyler ran down the steps as he and his parents were leaving the building. Sound Health representatives cautioned Tyler that he needed to keep using the sounds until he checked with his doctor the next day.

Link: https://bit.ly/3R1J3CK


Dementia: Many years before the symptoms of dementia occur, the architecture of dementia can be seen in a vocal print. Several types of dementia have been evaluated: Alzheimer’s, Lewy Proteins, Parkinson’s and diabetic dementia. This is consistent and has been confirmed over the
30-year tenure of Sound Health Research. These issues are generally environmental, biochemical, or genetic, mostly dealing with nutrient and/or biochemical pathways.

Link to Robin Williams profile on Lewy Proteins dementia: https://bit.ly/3RYLwzm


Stroke Recovery: typical results may vary. This is just one of many.
In November my husband, Hector, suffered a stroke. Immediately we could see that there was damage on the right side of his body. His leg dragged, his arm was limp, he could not form a fist, the right side of his mouth was drawn downward, and he could barely speak.


Working with speech a therapist for fifteen months, he made good progress, but only regained about 60% of his speaking abilities.

Hector worked with a Physical Therapist and a rehab clinic to focus on fine motor skills. His body responded well to the therapies, and he regained about 80% physically. Emotionally, Hector was depressed that although he was better physically, he still could not carry on a conversation. He was only able to speak in five- and six-word sentences and often could not find the correct words to convey real meaning. He started counseling with a psychologist to sort out the issues because of
the stroke.

By June, Hector was nineteen months from the stroke. His cardiologist had told us that at twenty- four months the average stroke victim has maxed out his physical recovery. Aware that the two-year date was approaching, his family was desperate for suggestions as to anything more that we could be doing. Anyone who knew us knew that we were grasping at straws. In August an acquaintance of Hector’s told him about Sound Health Research. In September we had an appointment with our state rehab counselor who informed us that the State would pay for the therapy.

Hector's appointment quickly moved to a vocal profiling sound assessment specifically-designed software. Hector was asked to recite the alphabet. He did so, haltingly, missing two letters. Low- frequency sounds were played ambiently as Hector was asked to recite the alphabet again. This time he recited it with confidence, missing one letter, but stopped to correct himself before continuing. Hector and I were giddy with the results.

It is thirteen months since then. Hector has his own sound box specifically constructed for his needs. He has an amplifier so that he can listen to the tones several hours a day while watching TV, visiting or reading. His tones have changed, and his progress continues. His speech is 80-85% recovered, and he can converse with people and talk on the telephone. Although the stroke damaged many brain cells, the sound therapy continues to stimulate his cells to find alternative paths to allow his speech to improve

Link to article: https://bit.ly/3xDLxAn

Is frequency our new medicine or our Maker’s mysteries revealed? There have only been a few modern keepers of the Holy Grail mysteries. Sharry Edwards, M.Ed. has been identified by author Sylvia Franke as one of the extraordinary beings walking the earth that is bringing forth the secrets kept from the populace for many eons. Her work has helped identify the hidden Codes of life that add meaning and new dimensions to our existence. She will likely be best known for her ability to bridge the gap between the innate, esoteric and scientific realms of human evolution.


The technique of using sound/frequency to support optimal wellness has been with us since ancient times. We may have just forgotten to remember – https://bit.ly/3BUfCOW

Needs for explanation
We don’t know why the body responds to the many levels of frequency; we just know that is does. We look forward to working with other visionaries and those who seek our help.

Keeping the weekly keynotes short this month:

Vertebrae and the tiny muscle that support the spine continue to be active until the end of the month. Blood clotting and heart arrhythmia continue through the 2 nd and 3 rd week of October. Blood sugar issues that may cause fatigue continue until November. The Epstein Barr virus awakens in week three. Some Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed oil supplements may be helpful.

Week One: Lungs are vulnerable this week along with milk protein allergies. The lower back continues to be an issue. Be watchful of Choline and Sodium levels this week. The familial Alzheimer’s gene is active starting Wednesday. Watch for Adderall reactions. Streptococcus
pneumonia comes into play by the end of the week.

Week Two: The tailbone, liver and insulin will all be active this week. Watch out for mold reactions this week and next.

Week three – Heart rhythm, the ears and throat are all venerable this week. Watch out for
reactions to MSG.


Week Four: Respiratory issues come into play this week along with tooth plaque. Keep close tabs on magnesium and blood sugar levels. Muscles in stress include glutes, pecs and upper back. You may want to keep close tabs on your cellular energy via your Krebs Cycle.

End of the month: Platelet aggregating factors (blood clotting) come strongly into play now. Muscle weakness due to myostatin levels is activated this week. Cholesterol, caffeine, and the thyroid may need monitoring. Magnesium continues to be an issue until mid-November. The Schizophrenic gene begins to activate now through mid-November.



Class catalog: https://bit.ly/3qR9roo
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