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Sign: Piesces
Note: B

Keynote March 2022

Feb 27-Mar 5

Frequencies active this week seem to be a continuation of nutrients and proteins that support energy renewal.


Mineral cell salts in stress include magnesium and potassium, both used for energy and revitalization.


Waist, hip and arm rotation muscles spring into stress this week. The Supinator muscle of the forearm is in stress along with muscles that bend and rotate the knees and trunk.  These should ease by the end of the week.


Additional muscles in stress: Retina of the eye, the palate (roof of your mouth) and eyelids. Several people have reported that they just feel heavy-lidded with slight eye burning and blurring.


Nutrients in stress: niacin (B-3, great DNA support and cholesterol balancer), arginine (supports male hormones and detox) and serine (an amino acid found in grains) which is involved with fat digestion. This should cease by the third week of March. By Tuesday you may find yourself craving grains when serine frequencies are at high stress.


Pathogens rolling in (see Covid update below):


Helicobacter pylori (stomach ulcers), Herpes simplex (cold sores) and several strains of Papillomavirus 27, 55, 58, 66 (causes cervical growths) – Gardasil is one injection touted as a cure for Papilloma but Gardasil is also associated with infertility.


Genetically speaking:


The genes for catalase (an enzyme that helps clean the blood) and the heart muscle are being brought into stress this week. The heart and knees share some of the same frequencies so the knee muscles may give you trouble.


Reproductive hormones for both males and females will be continuing until the end of the month.


Two proteins in stress: Myosin inhibitor (supports motor contractions and energy) – this is likely residue from last week and Transthyretin – supports fluid movement throughout the body.

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