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Profiles and Testimonials

John Grove Explains His Many Benefits After Seeing Sharry

Valerie Elijah Finds Relief For Her Fibromyalgia In BioAcoustics

BioAcoustics successful with Stroke client Linda C.

Interview with Actor/Musician James Marshall of Twin Peaks


During a charity run, Kelly’s bike went down, trapping her foot and breaking her big toe. A trip to the emergency room confirmed that the toe was broken. She stoically hobbled to work where she reported her pain to be a 5-6 on a scale of 1-10. Kelly was immediately sent to the Sound Health lab where she was provided a sound known to alleviate bone pain. Within minutes her pain was gone. Her vocal print also revealed a muscle that was in stress, likely from the accident. A few minutes of that sound resulted in no limp; all swelling dissipated. Within a few days Kelly was able to wear her boots and bend her toe with no pain. Her doctor reported that Kelly’s broken toe and related foot injury healed in record time; he wants to know more.


Tyler sustained a serious knee injury during a high school football game; an opposing player cleated him from the side directly into his knee. X-rays confirmed that nothing was broken; an MRI the next day confirmed nothing was torn but Tyler was still in excruciating pain and could not bear weight on his leg.  Stairs were particularly difficult for him to navigate. Visits to a sports doctor continued for the next two weeks with no relief even though exercise, stem, and ice were used in the hopes of relieving the pain and getting Tyler back into the game.                                                                                                  

Word reached the Sound Health Research Center of Tyler’s injury and they offered to help. “We were skeptical but Tyler described his pain at a high 6; we



were desperate to find him some help,” explains Tyler’s mother, Cindy.  

The evaluation of Tyler’s vocal frequencies took about 30 minutes and they came back with information that indicated that Tyler had two thigh muscles under stress. Ambient sound was presented to Tyler for about a minute; Tyler’s parents were elated and amazed when he reported that his pain was diminishing. “He was just standing there, listening.  How could a sound decrease his pain?” questioned his mother.  

One additional sound was presented to Tyler, after which he was asked to step up three short steps.  The look on his face was astonishment; the pain was gone. His parents didn’t understand what was happening, but it certainly was a relief to them that he was out of pain and able to walk normally again.

Tyler ran down the steps as he and his parents were leaving the building. Sound Health representatives cautioned Tyler that he needed to keep using the sounds until he checked with his doctor the next day. Sound Health supplied Tyler with a unique tone box that contained Tyler’s sound frequencies. His sports doctor was impressed and wants to know more. She released Tyler to participate fully in his next and last high school game.


A fall down the front steps resulted in a fractured wrist and a deep muscle contusion for Jen. She quickly realized when it happened that something was amiss; the pain was increasing within minutes, plus
swelling and numbness in her fingers was concerning.


The Sound Health Research Institute was nearby and offered to look at the trauma through Vocal Analysis protocols. In Jen’s own words. “A sound was presented for my thumb, which relieved the thumb
pain. My wrist was also hurting. The wrist sounds caused my wrist to quit hurting, but my thumb began to hurt again. A Tone box was set for both tones and I continued to listen to the both tones.



Sound Health personnel urged me to go to Urgent Care just to make sure my wrist and/or finger were intact even though the pain was diminishing. The physician was surprised at the minimal amount of pain
I was in considering that my bone was found to have a hairline compression fracture. She asked if I had taken any pain meds before I came in. I explained that the only thing I had taken was some sound therapy. That likely sounded a bit stra
nge to her but she was impressed and she wanted to look into
sound therapy a bit further.

I am extremely sensitive to pain killers and since I am a single mom, I cannot take them and function the way I need to for my son, so using sound therapy made it possible for me to relieve the pain and manage the swelling and numbness in my fingers, so that I could get through the days that followed my fall.

I am extremely thankful to Sound Health and the BioAcoustic software
that has been created that allowed me to continue to be a functioning
parent to my son and return to work immediately following my accident.
Without the sound therapy I received I feel the outcome and amount of
pain would have been much more severe.”

“It is hard to believe that the brain can be entrained, in less than ten minutes, to provide signals to muscle in such a way that the body relieves its own pain – not only back pain but other muscles as well are influenced. I’ve experienced the pain relief for myself.”


~ Barbara McNeil, an Ohio chiropractor

“I listened to the tones this morning that Sharry gave me and it's unbelievable! I can actually breathe! I have always felt like I have had a cement block sitting on my chest. I can actually catch my breath now. With the tones playing, this is the best that I have been able to breathe in six months! This is cool stuff!”


No doctor had been able to help her, and she attempted to take care of the problem on her own with an expensive regimen of vitamins and minerals, but there was very little improvement until she discovered BioAcoustics. After only one night, she noticed improvement when watching television, stating that there was very little she couldn’t see. She said it almost felt like she had her vision back.


~ Dolores Soderlund

A new Vocal Profile revealed that the Frequency Equivalent™ of the lens of the eye was below normal limits. In less than two minutes of low frequency sound presentation, Dorothy had no problem seeing her upper lip in the mirror. Sounds were presented for an additional thirty minutes. Twelve hours later, with no sound, her vision was still in tact.


~ Dorothy Edwards

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