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The Importance of Truth

It is the Truth that humans lie, a lot. A point to ponder might be, “Why do humans continue to lie?” “When did lying become a beneficial behavior?” Animals lie and deceive primarily as a matter of survival. 

Sometimes with little or no provocation, consequence, purpose or thought, humans lie. To protect themselves, their reputation, to manipulate/gain advantage, to avoid punishment, for self-preservation, to appear superior… On the other hand, if you are a recipient of a lie, the consequences can be devastating, life altering, life threatening.

Think about the last time someone you cared about lied to you, betrayed you, attempted to manipulate you using a deliberate falsehood. You wanted to believe but your lack of faith in your own perceptions put you into a state of conflict. You did not know who or what to believe.

When did we begin to not trust our own perceptions about a person’s honesty? Would the world be a better place if deception was impossible? What kind of world would it be if everyone were required to tell the Truth?

What is there was a computer program that could help you discern the Truth? Would you believe a computer analysis? FACT: You can lie with your words, but the sounds of your words will give you away.

People have an intrinsic sense of unease when people are being deceitful because the pitch and jitter of the voice gives away the attempted duplicity. A computer can pick up the nuance of the voice frequencies that can be used to ascertain genuine motives.

Have you called an organization only to be told that your voice is being recorded for quality assurance purposes? Chances are you are being screened to determine the emotions behind your motives for calling.

NanoVoice is a computer software that I created in the 80s when I was a student at the College of Communication at Ohio University. It was designed to help determine if people were truthful. The software evaluates the octaves and frequencies of a person’s voice. Years of trial and error have concluded that the voice contains valuable information beyond the spoken words.


Like a song, the voice contains frequencies that can be quantified. The nanoVoice software evaluates 6 octaves and 12 musical notes gleaned from each person’s vocal frequencies. Numeric values should all be connected and columns should be balanced in color and size.

Downloadable software to listen to hidden secrets about the lies

Importance of Truth vocal profile.png
Jerry Sandusky vocal profile.png

Information gap

He may believe the behavior is normal. It may have happened to him, but he was found guilty.

People who are telling the Truth, the whole Truth, have balanced, connected octaves and columns. Every box that contains a number is connected to another number-filled box showing topic coherence of the speaker.

Truthful person example vocal profile.png

On Feb 24, 2010, Ron Paul read a prepared statement to the Senate regarding the US government’s assignations of American citizens. Paul reported that on Feb 3, 2010 - Dennis Blair, Director of the National intelligence committee admitted in open testimony before the committee that our government has an explicit policy that allows it to assassinate American citizens as well as foreign, at its discretion. Below is a BioAcoustic evaluation of that speech. 


Ron Paul gov't assassinations state vocal profile.png

His thoughts are coherent, showing blue (emotions) as his main concern. Green relates to accomplishment, yellow to intellect and red to future concerns.

Analysis: Emotions run strong in the need to help others (High Note of “D”) which is balanced with the need for that help to be well thought out and useful. The second layer of awareness is planning and doing for long-term outcomes. There is a very balanced mental outlook here. The words are well thought out, balanced and are spoken for the benefit of all concerned (yellow, green and blue balance of the note of “B”).


Ron Paul is telling the TRUTH. He is the most TRUTHFUL vocal print I have ever examined.


How to tell the Truth tellers from the Liars:


Truth tellers want what is best for the most people. The prevaricators want what is best for themselves and their personal agendas.


Liars share half-truths, withhold information, spin, manipulate, bully and attempt to control your decisions – they want you to see and accept their truths, like the lover who attempted to betray you so they could continue having an affair without disruption. 


The good guys tell all of the truth so you can make intelligent, informed decisions based on all information relevant to the topic, even if it may not be the best thing for them personally. When a person loves you, really cares about you, they provide all the pertinent information because that is respectfully and the right thing to do.


People deserve the truth but sometimes don’t want to hear it.

On the other side of trying to share truthful information, you may run into resistance. Once upon a time my husband put on a tie that I didn’t think matched the suit he was wearing. I tried to tactfully share my Truth, “Do you really think that tie matches your suit?” He responded, “You, Miss Frump of 1968, are attempting to tell me how to dress.” He denied my perceptions, but he never wore the tie with that suit again, ever. He wanted to strike out at me to justify his own choices.

He listened, but he had already made his decision. He was required by his own mind to negate me. His ego was talking.

People who really care about what is best for you, will tell you the Truth because they honor your right to make decisions based on reality.

People who lie and distort the truth only care that you see the world their way and, in that situation, will honor their own needs, not yours. They want you to serve their purpose.

People who truly care about you don’t lie to you to suit their own agenda, against what you know to be appropriate for you.

To me, it is an honor to share my truth. It doesn’t presuppose that you will accept my truth as your own.  

What about white lies? Long ago, I accompanied a friend to an important job interview. 

When it came time for her to interview, she stood up, did a twirl and asked, “How do I look?” I responded, “Perfect.” Had I told her she had a “run” in her stocking, she likely would have been so self-conscious, that she would not have been able to participate in an optimal interview. It was a white lie, done for her benefit. The purpose of the fib was to support her best interests.

She got the job! Sometimes very discreet but hidden information can be ascertained from a vocal graph. Below, all of the numbered blocks except two are connected, in the note of A. This indicates disconnected information dealing with management in a naïve or more likely fantasized level. It shows stress about what was being said.

Gwen Olsen add-on business technique vocal profile.png

This is someone telling a story for the future (red). The notes of C#, D, and D# are missing indicating that Justice and information are only being included with some future scenario in mind. This is someone invested in future outcomes but not the information they are withholding.

A chart of the overall general meanings of each note is below.


Download the software, manual and instructional videos to judge for yourself. The Truth is IMPORTANT.

Download link in the description

The energy in your voice creates a matrix which can show your motivation and emotional coherence. The vocal graph above shows a lack of foundational information and speech on a naïve, fantasized level. Lindauer is likely making up the story and leaving out a lot of pertinent information.

Only you give credibility to the words of others. If you don’t think their words contain any truth, you won’t be influenced.

If you are sitting here in your absolute best red dress and I say, “That is the ugliest yellow dress I have ever seen,” you would likely laugh at me, or at least argue that I might be color blind. But if I said, “Your dress doesn’t really look good on you,” you may doubt your choice of clothing for the occasion. Only you accepted the truth or untruth about the comment.

Sometimes vocal octaves can be split. The person can actually feel two distinct ways about a topic. In the graph below the person has been accused of sexually assaulting a young boy in a locker room. On one level he feels such behavior is appropriate (instinctual level) but there is a large gap between instinctual and fantasy layers indicating he has not accepted his own behavior on a personal level.


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