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The Magic of Your Voice

Math - at our Core

Did we forget?

Are we really borg?

A few years back I was unceremoniously dumped as a speaker at an international sound healing conference. The justification offered was that I had no musical talent and therefore would be neither an informative nor entertaining speaker.

It is likely that I have one of the most unusual “musical” talents on the planet and that my “no talent” abilities will certainly change human history. I can actively hear tones and music emanating from people and I can duplicate the tones as pure tones, something reportedly impossible for the human voice. I hear these sounds not from people’s voices but from their ears. Providing people their own sounds via ambient or mechanical means seems to provide an innate, individual restorative agenda to each person.


This unusual talent has led to uncovering information about human physiology that may make our survival more feasible. It is the stuff of Star Trek medicine, but it is available now.


Even though I was jolted by being disinvited, I refused to be put off. From my own experiences, the tones I hear, and sing-saving my daughter’s life, helped relieve pain for many people, assisted on reconstituting tissue, restored nerve function, influenced emotions, and helped people recover and walk again. These events show that there is so much more to these Signature Sounds than entertainment.


If examined using an oscilloscope, the vibrations of the sounds I sing create pictures. Research at the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health has shown that individual tones can be diagnostically supportive, have long-term health implications, show that frequency can create form but more importantly needs to be understood in order to elevate our knowledge of the planet and our existence.


Below is a sound picture of a tone I created for a comatose woman who had an undiagnosed spinal bleed. The adage that our voice and thoughts can create reality is shown to be a reality here. Is that a useful talent?


I had never heard of anyone else hearing music coming from the side of a person’s head. Is this an ancient talent that humans lost or is it a future talent just now being embraced? Sylvia Franke, author of The Tree of life and the Holy Grail states that Sharry Edwards, MEd has been named a “modern keeper of the Holy Grail information,” so we can suppose that this is an ancient, forgotten talent being brought back into fruition.

John Hopkins University has confirmed that the ear emits a sound called an oto-acoustic emission. My ears have been tested in university and military labs; indeed, I’m hearing the oto-acoustic emissions that are consistently being emitted by living systems. Not only can I hear the sounds, but I can also duplicate the sounds accurately to two decibel points. With training, people can hear their own oto-acoustic emissions. Would being able to hear and interpret your own sounds, that would facilitate complete wellness, be useful?

From the studies that have attempted to interpret individual oto-acoustic emissions in support of optimal health, it has been determined that the sounds from the ears are mimicked by the voice and from measurements of the frequencies of the voice, frequency-based solutions can be created and quantified. Does this mean that mathematical, frequency-based tones could be used for healing?

Dorinne Davis, MA, CCC-A, FAAA, author of Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy, works with helping children regain speech. She is involved with Alfred Tomatis’ method of evaluating oto-acoustic emissions to assist in regaining brain function and language. Her studies have proven that 100% of the time, the voice emulates the tones bring emitted by the ear. 

The science of Cymatics postulates and can prove that frequency vibrations can animate particles into geometric shapes. My ears can “hear” the shape of a room and based on the dimensions of the room can identify architecture of it. If I “sing” the exact harmonics of a space, an echo is created. Many ancient enclosures are considered to be healing. How much did the ancients know that we just don’t remember?

The knowledge that the tones I created, as musical notes, could make people physically weak or strong set me on a quest that led to Susan Alexjander who set human DNA to musical notes (See Sequencia album) and James Gimzewski, a UCLA Professor who has proven that living cells create sound. 

Alexjander’s group created haunting music based on the frequencies of DNA and Gimzewski stated that if we could figure out the cellular sounds of humans that it would change the face of medicine allowing us to “fix’ ourselves using different frequency formats. History reports that humans used frequency as music to heal and soothe!

When you consider that our DNA frequencies can be transformed into musical representations, it supports the idea that we created music in our own mathematical image.

It turns out that the sounds I hear create a sound matrix for each individual. These frequency patterns are hiding in the voice. Could the music of our own voice can be used to identify the math matrix required for each person to become whole? 

But there is more. How long has this information been around, unnoticed? The journal, Nature Neuroscience, devoted a special issue to the topic. In an article in the August 6, 2022 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience, David Schwartz, Catherine Howe, and Dale Purves of Duke University argued that the sounds of music and the sounds of language are intricately connected. 

It is possible that we could be living systems managed by innate frequencies measured as music, aroma, vibration, color, brain waves, language… Could we be self-contained, completely “managed” through our individual frequency/energy-based Signatures?

Vocal analysis comparisons at the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health have shown that humans have innate systems of body frequencies that can be managed using ambient tones or by a simple remote control that is completely programmable. Would that make us very sophisticated carbon-based robots?

This leads us to the unique protocols of Vocal Profiling for evaluation and frequency-based outcomes for anomalous emotional as well as physiological issues that need to be revealed and resolved. Music, as frequency formulations, is so much more than entertainment. Frequency is the basis of our universe. We measure it, study it, quantify it and use it to understand ourselves, our environment, our biochemistry and our behaviors. But what if there were more to our origins? What if Frequency (the measurement of Vibration), the basis of everything, is more than synthetic equations; what if math is organic? If so, could we be considered math-based life forms?

It is well known that Music, or simply instrumental tones, have the ability to influence our emotions, mood and healing potential. At its core, Music is math-based. Therefore – the concepts of math can be healing. Brian Butterworth, Cognitive Neuroscientist at the University College of London, argues that humans, even as babies, are hardwired for math.


Do vocal frequencies contain the intrinsic codes of math as medicine for each individual? Was it once, an individual common Octave of music that could be used to create, to cure --- everything? How useful is it that we have become individually unique? Is there a math magic of our existence? Were we vibrated into existence?

Math is consistent and dependable. Is it advantageous to humankind that everyone is individual or would anyone benefit from us all being the same, therefore more readily manageable? Is recombinant DNA distribution the only difference between any of us?

Our brain communicates using the language of math expressed as frequency. As these signals reach the brain, the biofrequencies are sorted, routed, and assigned an interpretation and responsibility. Our Brain and our Biology are hardwired to respond to these basic principles of math (Esoterically this might explain the fascination with numerology and astrology.).

Can precise music, the right set of frequency formulations provide each of us dominion over our own existence? Does our voice contain the secrets for optimal form and function?

The talent of creating music seemed magical to me, but it turned out to far more than I ever imagined.  From ancient knowledge to our future destiny, it seems that we have not even begun to exhaust the potential of sound, frequencies, math, and music.


BioAcoustically Speaking: Persons with similar wellness issues produce similar if not identical vocal anomalies.

Studies have substantiated that the human voice reveals that people who share similar traumas, stresses, diseases, toxicities…share similar, if not identical, vocal anomalies in their speaking language as well as any music they create. The data brings together ancient knowledge with modern ideas of harmonics and frequency relationship theories to show that math can be used as a form of predictive, diagnostic and curative foundation for wellness.

Through entrainment of the frequency grids of the brain, the body can be programmed to support its own innate perfection. The essential element is accurately identifying the appropriate/significant frequencies associated with each individual.


​​Imagine a future in which our individual vocal frequency is our identification, where the use of frequency-based biomarkers contained within our voice that can be used to keep us healthy and emotionally balanced.

From birth to death, we use sounds to express our needs and emotions, but there are additional layers of information hidden within our words. As man evolved, language became levels of intricate harmony nestled within structures of great elegance that carried meaning and allowed understanding of ourselves and others.

Have your own voice evaluated: Public online WorkStation -

Math as Medicine: Using frequency domain to predict, enrich and promote optimal health

In order to provide predictability and safety, the concepts of math and medicine often act conjointly to quantify, define and model medical practice. Studies conducted by the non-profit Institute of BioAcoustic Biology, located in Albany, Ohio, USA, has consistently demonstrated that math can be much more than a measurement tool; math, as frequency, can be the solution to therapeutic predictability and resolution.

Just as there are Pathways of compounds are called Chemistry, there are “Mathways” of subtractive frequencies called Sonistry that can be used to create a numeric biomarker capable, individually and collectively, of being predictive, diagnostic and prescriptive.

To date there is no universally accepted modality that has the potential to assist in our survival of biological, radioactive, and pandemic threats; rid us of vaccination damage/residue and support our dwindling immune responses. In many instances, by the time the cause has been identified, it is often too late to provide remediation. Frequency-based medicine has the ability to provide a prompt and direct correction.

Travel to outer space can be enhanced with mobile frequency-based solutions that have shown efficacy to overcome bone loss and muscle atrophy. BioAcoustic Biology has been shown to be able to predict reactions to medications, chemicals, and allergens. Muscles traumatized from stroke and/or muscle signaling disorders have recovered. Documentation confirms that these changes can sometimes occur within a few minutes as muscles gain strength and mobility.

Parkinson’s has become a diagnosis covering a variety of situations and possibilities. Biomarkers gleaned from groups of persons identified as suffering from Parkinson’s have shown that the cell signaling issues are actually from a multiplicity of causes: allergens, inability to process certain amino acids, iron errors, genetic factors, tetanus pollutants, DES residues, radioactive isotopes, vitamin deficiencies, closed receptors...the list seems endless.

BioAcoustic Biology is an area of scientific endeavor that is in the process of becoming scientifically established, but is now a protoscience. Visionary leaders will see this novel idea as a prophecy for a new medicine which can provide conclusions based on observation and information. Those who wish to support the status quo will see this paradigm as a threat but will find it hard to argue with the consistent and efficacious outcomes that continue to accrue. This protocol remains in a research mode as of the date of this article.


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BioAcoustics is not medical, musical, Mathical

Music is Mathical

Math is musical and magical

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