BioMarker Signature

6-10 Hours of Class

Designed for the serious Wellness Provider to discern optimal wellness issues via BioAcoustic BioMarkers, tenets and protocols.


  • To compile, understand and use BioAcousic BioMarker data.

  • To become familiar with the innovative diagnostic tools and protocols that demonstrate vocal biomarkers as a quick and efficacious system to deliver individual computerized management reports.

  • To ascertain the steps to supports, enhance and potentially reshape wellness practices for Physicians and Wellness Providers using frequency-based vocal biomarkers.

  • To learn how online computerized reports can reduce time and resources required to holistically evaluate individual patients thereby enhancing services.

Upcoming Schedule

September 14th - 12pm-4pm EST- Session 1

  • Sept. 19th - 6pm-8pm EST - Session 2

October 12th - 12pm-4pm EST - Session 1

  • October 17th - 6pm-8pm EST - Session 2