Wellness Provider

8-24 hours - depending on participants advancement

Using dramatic math-based solutions to reveal therapeutic diagnosis, predictability and resolution that encourage the body to intrinsically self-monitor and provide stasis through the presentation of low-frequency sound.


  • To compile, understand and use BioAcoustic Frequency Equivalent data.

  • To become aware of the cutting-edge potential of math as an addition to convention medical practice.

  • To learn how concierge and mobile medicine can be achieved using online diagnostic vocal biomarkers.

  • To be able to elucidate the depth and breadth of dramatic patient outcomes that has been achieved through BioAcoustic Biology.

  • Become fully functional in the use of BioAcoustic BioMarker frequencies for optimal form & function.

  • Use Sound Health Portal to mathematically determine root cause, frequency relationships.

  • Learn to compare/contrast clients and diagnostic issues.

Upcoming Schedule


August 10th - 12pm-4pm EST- Session 1

  • August 15th - 6pm-8pm EST- Session 2

  • August 24th - 12pm-4pm EST- Session 3

September 21st - 12pm-4pm EST - Session 1

  • October 3rd - 6pm-8pm EST - Session 2

  • October 5th - 12pm-4pm EST - Session 3