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At the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Health, we've been dedicated to the exploration of the intricate relationship between human health and sound since our founding in 1982. Our team is deeply committed to pioneering research and the practical application of BioAcoustic Biology, an innovative field that originated with Sharry Edwards. Through the utilization of sound frequencies and voice analysis, we meticulously decipher the complex patterns found within the human voice, offering advanced, non-invasive methods for health assessment and therapy. With our ongoing commitment to research, education, and training, we're proud to be leaders in advancing the understanding and promotion of holistic health and wellness through the transformative power of sound.

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About Sharry Edwards™​

    Sharry Edwards, MEd., is a pioneering figure in BioAcoustic Biology and sound health. With a background in education, she has dedicated her career to exploring the profound connection between the human voice and well-being. Edwards developed BioAcoustic Biology, a system that uses voice analysis and sound frequencies for health assessment and healing.

     In 2021, Edwards was honored as "Scientist of the Year" for her groundbreaking contributions to the field. Her work involves advanced research and software development, decoding human voice patterns to understand and promote health through sound-based therapies. Sharry Edwards is a respected authority in holistic health, training numerous practitioners in the application of her innovative methods.

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