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“It is hard to believe that the brain can be entrained, in less than ten minutes, to provide signals to muscle in such a way that the body relieves its own pain – not only back pain but other muscles as well are influenced. I’ve experienced the pain relief for myself.”


~ Barbara McNeil, an Ohio chiropractor

No doctor had been able to help her, and she attempted to take care of the problem on her own with an expensive regimen of vitamins and minerals, but there was very little improvement until she discovered BioAcoustics. After only one night, she noticed improvement when watching television, stating that there was very little she couldn’t see. She said it almost felt like she had her vision back.


~ Dolores Soderlund

“I listened to the tones this morning that Sharry gave me and it's unbelievable! I can actually breathe! I have always felt like I have had a cement block sitting on my chest. I can actually catch my breath now. With the tones playing, this is the best that I have been able to breathe in six months! This is cool stuff!”


"Sometimes during the day from my knees to my feet I feel like the muscles are very, very tight but listening to the Restless Legs then the Sciatica tones, I don't have that feeling. That tightness in my feet makes it harder to walk but after the tones things are a lot better."


"The doctors want me to have another lumbar surgery to fix the metal there. I told them I want to go to a veterinarian surgeon because he/she may find a giraffe who'll be willing to donate its vertebrae. 

Thank you Sharry!! You've helped me more than the MDs have!  You're an angel!"


"The pain and sense that something is crawling you and down my legs has stopped. I've listened to the tones before I go to bed and they've been very comforting. My legs and feet don't feel as stiff and itchy.

The sciatica tones have helped me a great deal too. I've noticed that when I get into my car my legs don't hurt like they have been. Terrible sharp pain when I lifted my legs up. I can go up and down stairs now without the chairlift. 

Thanks again, Sharry!"

~Dorothy Edwards



During a charity run, Kelly’s bike went down, trapping her foot and breaking her big toe. A trip to the emergency room confirmed that the toe was broken. She stoically hobbled to work where she reported her pain to be a 5-6 on a scale of 1-10. Kelly was immediately sent to the Sound Health lab where she was provided a sound known to alleviate bone pain. Within minutes her pain was gone. Her vocal print also revealed a muscle that was in stress, likely from the accident. A few minutes of that sound resulted in no limp; all swelling dissipated. Within a few days Kelly was able to wear her boots and bend her toe with no pain. Her doctor reported that Kelly’s broken toe and related foot injury healed in record time; he wants to know more.
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