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Urban Gardening

Practitioner Course

5-Day Practitioner

Helps prepare you to help yourself, your family and your community. “Powerful” and “Intense” are two often-used words to describe the 5-day Professional Seminar. Lecture and practical experience takes the student from initial Vocal Assessment, to Evaluation and Sound Presentation. Step by step instructions for each level, plus the computerization of the materials, make the days go by much too quickly. It is unlikely that the participant will glean every bit of information from the multiple texts without some evening and home study.

Fee: $5600

BioAcoustic Biology Practitioner

Learning Materials

BioAcoustics Technician Basics Textbook

Square² Tone Box

2 Additional texts 

Electronic Jump Drive




Nutrition P & SE - 365 days

Muscles P & SE - 365 days

Abacus - 365 days

Genesis Professional - 365 days

S2S for programming Square² Tone Box

Upcoming Schedule

May 20-24
August 19-23
November 11-15

10 am - 4 pm EST

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