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Listen to this song when you have a cold or the flu, and your symptoms may just go away! Here is James Marshall's story behind its composition:

After taking the advice of a conventional medical provider, actor James Marshall thought his life was over. That’s when he heard of Sharry Edwards, the Pioneer of Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling, who agreed to help. After receiving his health report and following Sharry’s advice, his life started to get back on track. It was James’ wish to then help Sharry (which led to the creation of the song Le Ciel, which seems to influence and reverse symptoms that have a pathogenic nature).


“I had always wanted to be a part of the Hollywood scene and I was finally reaching the peak of my career. I had a role on the television show Twin Peaks, and was cast in numerous roles in films such as Cadence, starring Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen, Gladiator, starring Cuba Gooding Jr., and A Few Good Men, starring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, and Demi Moore. I thought this was the beginning of a wonderful career when all of a sudden, it had to be put on hold.


I thought my life would end after taking the advice of a conventional medical provider, and it almost did. The medicine that was prescribed to me destroyed my large intestine to the point where it had to be removed. After nearly two years of being bed-ridden in a hospital room, I weighed less than 100 pounds and my lack of energy and bad health had ended my acting career.

One fateful night, I was up late searching for an answer. I began to listen to the Coast to Coast radio show. George Nooray was interviewing a woman (Sharry Edwards) about a healing technique that she had been developing using sound frequencies. After research was done on this theory, it was proven that sound could heal people; you only had to find the right frequency and match it to the person.


I took a chance and called her research center. After hearing my story, she agreed to help. She used her own computer software to analyze my voice and it created a report on my health status. This report indicated which vitamins and nutrients I needed to help my body heal itself. Then I was told which foods would provide this for me and which I should avoid. Along with this I was given sound frequencies that would supposedly help to heal me as well.


I started using this information and my life began to fall back in place. My mind began to clear, I started to gain weight, and my energy returned.


I started playing the frequencies on my guitar. It was not the same as playing music; it had a greater impact on me. I spent hours with the sounds and I began to feel like my old self.


I became so fascinated at my own progress using sound that my wife and I began to study sound healing. We wanted to spread the word and be apart of something significant, something timely, something useful to the public. We wanted to bring these ancient techniques into the modern era.

My wife and I contacted the woman at her research facility again and told her what we wanted to do and together we chose to focus on the work done with swine flu. She decoded the genetic make-up of the strains of swine flu, as she had done for so many other pathogens. Using this and extrapolations from her previous research she came up with the frequency biomarkers for the swine flu and was able to mathematically determine the frequency based antidotes.


When I was given the set of frequencies, I began to work on putting them to music. I discovered that this would not sound like a traditional song. I had to remind myself it would be a musical piece meant to kill a pathogen in the body. It (the musical piece called Le Ciel) has shown signs of doing just that. My wife, I and others have found relief from cold and sore throat symptoms. In addition, the frequencies have been used to reverse swine flu symptoms that were resistant to Tamiflu.


Can these results be trusted? Many years of research substantiate the ability of music and sound to support optimal human form and function. What more can you ask? Do the techniques conform to the standards of conventional medical practice? No, but you can’t argue with the results. How does it work? I don’t think any of us can answer that yet. We only know that it does and that the public as a right to know about it.


In my case, standard medical practice had nothing to offer. I believe that frequency-based biomarkers that can be translated into music, hold the potential to change the face of medicine. This is too new, too innovative, too out there for people to wrap their heads around, but I’m living proof that it is real. It can help thousands of people who have been left with no conventional options.”

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